Writing Challenge and Back to the Grindstone


So I’m back from the holidays and raring to go. (Look it up. I dare you. 🙂 ) I’ve signed up for the Get Your Words out challenge to add some accountability to my writing life. You can check them out at http://www.getyourwordsout.net/. I agreed to write 120 days out of the 365 that comprise the year 2018.

That’s two days every week for the rest of the year. And guess what?! I’m already in the hole! *sigh* Luckily, we’re only a few weeks in. Before you ask, no. This blog doesn’t really count.  It does, however, help me focus and go through the process of getting to the keyboard.

So what to do to catch up? Make a plan and set a time to it, of course. First things first…clean the office so I can focus on just writing. The time frame? Sometime this week.

writing challenge

Wow! Look at all of that clutter. Not sure what your writing space looks like, but this one needs some TLC.  I could hack it if my office was cluttered with books, but that’s a different story. Get it…yeah, *ahem*. Moving on.

I’ve also been doing a ton of baking and cooking over the last couple of weeks…well, just because it’s my second love.  Almost every day I think about what I can learn to make next, and I was even considering entering a local cookie contest.  Well, time to turn my sights to writing instead of baking.  Maybe I’ll think about combining the two loves…writing and food.  Hmmm.

The future is never certain, my friends.  Best wishes for a fantastic 2018!

Happy Writing!

How are you gearing up for your writing life in 2018?


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