Anyone else cringe when the spotlight turns on them?  Do you long to be in your den with the blinds drawn, the doors shut and to whisper “Shhh! They might hear you!” when someone mentions the word “marketing”? As writers, we have a tendency to cherish the solitude of the behind-the-scenes writing life.  Well, if we want our writing to be a success, we need to get over it.  So this is me, getting over it.

I’ve read, critiqued, and edited some pretty darn bad writing in my time.  Unfortunately, brilliant stories and ideas get lost in bad craftsmanship.  DON’T PANIC!  Take a deep breath in…and out.  It can all be saved with a little TLC.

I envision Everyday Writing Life helping all levels of writers when it comes to grammar, spelling, sentence structure and more—the nitty-gritty of crafting a great manuscript you can be proud to send off to an editor or a publisher.  We’ll also delve into great ways to generate ideas, different methods for plotting your story and whatever else tickles my fancy.  All of this real-world advice—for the real writing life.

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